Beast of the Metro East 2013 Competition Details

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Beast of the Metro East 2013 Competition Details

The Beast of the Metro East 2013 competition is going to be an epic CrossFit throwdown happening on October 19, 2013. This competition was formerly known as The Fittest in the Metro East Competition; we renamed it to better distinguish this competition from the team competition that we host in April (the FTME).




What: BME 2013 is an individual competition to establish the best male & female CrossFitters in the metro east. Our 2nd annual competition.
When: 7 am- 8 pm on Saturday, October 19.
Where: CrossFit Edwardsville’s 2-acre, 6000 square foot fitness complex at 18 Kettle River, Glen Carbon, IL 62034.
Cost: $60 (Early Bird Special), $75 (after September 30)
Divisions: Mens’ RX, Womens’ RX, Mens’ Scaled, Womens’ Scaled.




Frequently asked questions and answers….

What’s included in the entry fee? Entry to the competition, the event t-shirt, a goodie bag, free onsite goodies from the vendors, free mobility work & rock taping onsite, and more.

What prizes are up for grabs? The Beast Trophy, swag bags, and possibly cash prizes.

Who’s invited to this competition? All CrossFitters are welcome, but we especially welcome the CrossFitters from the metro east-area CrossFit gyms.

How does this competition stack up to last year? This year will be heavier, harder, and faster. The standards for movement will be stricter, and strength requirements higher.

Should I do RX or Scaled? Here are some baseline metrics to help you identify whether to go RX or scaled. Note: these are NOT necessarily the movements included in the competition.

RX athletes should be able to complete 5-10 reps at each of the following weights (MRx/WRx):
Deadlift: 315#/225#
Front squat/back squat/overhead squat: 185#/115#
Squat clean: 185#/115#
Clean & jerk: 185#/115#
Snatch: 135#/95#
Bench Press: 200#/100#
Kettlebell swings: 70#/53#

RX athletes should be able to complete 5-10 reps of the following gymnastic movements:
Muscle-ups, ring and bar (exception: womens’ RX will not be required to do muscle-ups)
Handstand Pushups
Pullups, chest to bar
Rope climbs
Broad Jumps: 6’/4′
Pushups, hand-release

Be proficient with skill-based movements and plyo movements, including double-unders, rowing on a Concept 2 (damper 7 standard) and box jumps (30″/24″).

Scaled athletes should be able to complete 5-10 reps at each of the following weights (MSc/WSc):
Deadlift: 250#/135#
Front squat/back squat: 135#/95#
Squat clean: 115#/75#
Clean & jerk: 115#/75#
Snatch: 95#/65#
Kettlebell swings: 53#/35#

Scaled athletes should be able to complete 5-10 reps of the following gymnastic and/or plyo movements:
Pullups (women will allowed some band assistance)
Broad Jumps: 4’/2′
Air Squats
Pushups, hand-release
Jump Rope, single-unders or double-unders
Box Jumps, 24″/20″

How many events will there be? We have designed 4 competitive events, and a strength/skill test that can be completed at any time during the competition day.

Will the workouts be posted in advance? Generally, no. We will post at most 1 event in advance, and it won’t be more than 1 week in advance. If we post it, it’ll be on the Facebook event page. For now, prepare for the unknown and unknowable. That said, this will be a CrossFit event, and you can plan on CrossFit-style stuff.

Is this a 2-day event? No. It’s a one-day event. Let’s get at it, go hard for one day, then rest on Sunday.

What can I do to best prepare for this competition? Build your strength now, particularly in the Olympic lifts, and switch your focus to conditioning in the final 4 weeks approaching the competition.

Is this a team competition? No. It’s an individual competition.

What if I want to compete but I’m missing one or two elements of the required strength/skill list? Scaled competitors will be allowed to modify ANY part of ANY event. However, if they scale the event down from the workout as written, they’ll be out of contention to win prizes. They WILL be allowed to participate in all events regardless of scaling.

How many spots will be open? We will initially open up 30 spots for each division- 120 total competitors. We will modify as needed from there.

When does registration open? Registration opens Saturday, August 24.

When does registration close? Registration will close by no later than October 12; we may close registration by October 5 to better enable us to have the heat schedule posted in advance so that athletes can best prepare for the event. Naturally, if a division hits full capacity (30 competitors), registration’s closed by default.

What’s the shirt look like? Here’s the prototype shirt, a high-quality poly-fiber blend. Design is still in development…

BME Prototype T-Shirt

How can I ask further questions?
Ask questions on the Facebook event page.

How do we sign up on August 24? Go to our online scheduler, scroll over to October 19, and click on the box labeled “Beast of the Metro East 2013″. It’ll take you through the registration process.

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